How to prevent
toenail fungus infection?

Prevention is important to minimize your risk of getting a first toenail fungus infection. But if you’re already undergoing treatment, it’s also important to increase its chance of success and reduce the chances of subsequent infections.

Fungi are everywhere, so you cannot completely eliminate the possibility of exposure, but you can take these measures to reduce your chances of infection:

  • During treatment, avoid high-risk areas like public spas, swimming pools, showers and locker rooms where fungi are more likely to be picked up, but if you do visit these areas, protect yourself by wearing flip flops, washing your hands and feet thoroughly and drying them afterwards.
  • Wash your feet and hands frequently and keep them dry, especially after sports. Wear cotton socks to absorb the sweat from your feet, and change them frequently to keep them dry and fresh.
  • Wear shoes that are comfortable and allow adequate air circulation.
  • Keep your toenails cut short, and if you have an infection, avoid using nail polish.
  • Avoid sharing towels, shoes and nail care tools, such as nail clippers or nail brushes, especially to prevent transmission to family members.
  • Stay healthy and keep your immune system strong. People with diabetes or psoriasis are at greater risk.
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Think you have
toenail fungus?

Use our tool to check your symptoms and evaluate if you may have visual signs of a toenail fungus infection. See a doctor to have a diagnosis and ask which treatment option is appropriate for you.

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