How do you get
toenail fungus infection?

The most common fungi involved in fungal nail infections are Trichophyton rubrum and Tricophyton mentagrophyte. They like warm, moist environments, such as closed shoes, and people are most commonly exposed to them in public areas like gym locker room floors, shower rooms and swimming pools. What’s more, the feet have less blood circulation, so it’s harder for the immune system to fight off the fungi your feet are exposed to. Learn more about the causes, preventive measures and how to get rid of toenail fungus at our FAQ page.

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Are some people more susceptible to toenail fungus infection?

Although everyone is potentially susceptible, several risk factors make a person more likely to get infected. Many factors are lifestyle related. If you have an active lifestyle, you may be exposed to situations where contact with fungi is more likely.

Genetic and health factors can also increase the risk of infection for people who:

  • are 55 years or older
  • have diminished blood circulation
  • have a previous or existing injury or infection of the nail
  • have athlete’s foot
  • have a weakened immune system due to HIV/AIDS or diabetes, for example
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Think you have
toenail fungus?

Use our tool to check your symptoms and evaluate if you may have visual signs of a toenail fungus infection. See a doctor to have a diagnosis and ask which treatment option is appropriate for you.

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